Drive For Alpha Mail Carriers

Honest, straightforward and integrity-driven – that’s how we’ve stuck around for close to one-hundred years and that’s why drivers choose Alpha Mail Carriers.

Hiring: Dedicated Regional Drivers

Alpha Mail Carriers is contracted with the government to haul mail to regional post offices.

Family Owned and Operated for Almost 100 Years

Originally incorporated in 1927, Alpha Mail Carriers has been serving some of the best local and national companies for generations.

2020 - 2023 Macks, KWs, Volvos & Internationals

Over half of our fleet is newer than 2022 and our oldest model is a 2020.

Full Insurance + 401k Plans

Feel at ease that you’ll receive health insurance and retirements options starting just 60 days after employment.

2 Weeks PTO After First Year

Your time away from work is important. Enjoy time off starting after just one year with Alpha Mail Carriers.

11 Paid Holidays

Get the time off you deserve.

Forward Facing Cameras

We’re monitoring to ensure your safety – not to keep tabs on you.

Life At Alpha

Life At Alpha Mail Carriers

Drive For A Family Raised To Do The Right Thing

“When someone needs a helping hand, we’re there…there’s no magic formula – it’s just being nice…that’s how we were raised.” 

Scott Roman, Owner

Straight-Forward Pay

“We’ve heard from drivers that other carriers never really paid drivers what they were supposed to pay…here at Alpha, it’s pretty straightforward – drivers know what they get paid and we don’t mess around with their pay. They get paid when they’re supposed to and it’s as simple as that.”

Bob Elsasser, Director of Maintenance and Operations

Bunk House Availability

“Previously I had to do all my laundry off-site, but with the Bunk House, I’m able to do everything I need and reset.”

Ezekiel, Driver

Hiring Locations

Current Openings

US Mail Relay Driver

  • Lexington, NE
  • Sterling, CO
  • Barstow, CA
  • Omaha, NE
  • Houston, TX
  • Grand Junction, CO

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